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does anyone even look at these?
just looking for a friend or two, even a couple. I am married and wife does not play, does not know....but it seems like no one from NJ is posting. I am married, 50 yo, blue eyes, red hair (yes there too) a chubb at 250lbs but losing weight fast down 16 lbs in 6 weeks. i am always horny and ready to play
4 Hours Ago
How many BOTTOMS do we have here???
So again, I'm curious, how many REAL bottoms do we have here??

Me personally (male half) ,I am a total bottom.
4 Hours Ago
Bi-Couple Seeking fellow Motorcycle riders , DFW area
We are looking to meet other couples/individuals who like to ride and have a good time. :-P
7 Hours Ago
Bi guy here looking for a man and woman
Im a bi guy looking for mmf 3some in east texas
13 Hours Ago
Strap on
Looking for a woman who would enjoy pegging me. If you like to wear a strap on and know how to use it and are interested, please message me.
13 Hours Ago
Morning threesome
Hubby wants a bottom this morning.
16 Hours Ago
Looking for bi girl for fun sexy chat
looking to have fun and want to make you cum so many times you will not be disappointed.
18 Hours Ago
Looking to have fun in Vegas
we are a couple going to Vegas from aug20th to aug24th looking for bi-couple or bi-man to help us have some fun on our honeymoon.
21 Hours Ago
girls who like fuckin guys in ass
I love when a female uses a big strapon on me nd fucks in a girl anyone else into this?
23 Hours Ago
Hey all. Looks like we'll be moving to a little township in Western Virginia. Total of 316 when we move there. Going to be a bit of culture shock but Khela and I are ready for it. The kids say they are, but I really hope so. No more Mickey D's less then a mile away.... Lol.

Anyway, the crime has gotten out of hand, not just in this city but on our complex property. The homeless are out of control and no one will do anything about it. We've started fighting back as a whole (roughly 10℅ of the tenants in concert with the management, who thankfully live on site) and it has tapered off for now. Friends of ours who are in dire straits due to a vicious new landlord, are going to be able to move in the day we leave so we feel great about that and are going to leave them and their 4 kids what we don't want or need that they might. Wife and kids are going to anal it while I do the road trip with what the car and maybe a small trailer will carry. Get to stop and meet the grandbaby I haven't yet and see some members of her family that I haven't in awhile. Looking forward to it. Our daughter was supposed to travel with me, but we're thinking it, although I sure will miss her if she doesn't go with. Anyway, there's no one from here within 350 miles apparently but we're still no farther away than this right here.
1 Day Ago
looking for white bi/gay male
im looking for bi/gay white males in ttown for hanging out maybe more
1 Day Ago
We want a playdate
New to this site both bi couple looking for same sex play. We are very comfortable with our sexuality and wanting to share our fun, Lancaster County willing to host or travel depending. Lets chat and see what happens
1 Day Ago
Any bi in Rome GA?
We are new at this and we are very eager to meet someone.
1 Day Ago
why don't more bi men...
why don't more bi men want to receive anal??? I understand that it's not something that everyone is into, male or female... and of course you'd want to work up to it, but I would think that a man who has an interest in cock would want more than just a little lick. I suppose this is coming from my female perspective... I want more than just a little lick of a good hard cock; I want it inside of me!

I am married, and my husband is now bisexual. My own bisexual interests led us to these sites, and he and I have explored this together. He loves anal as much as I do, which is wonderful for us when playing together. However we have found it rather difficult to find other men who 1.) admit to being bi-curious or bisexual (of course this site has many more honest men than other sites on that count!), and 2.) enjoy or are willing to explore anal pleasures. It's disappointing to chat with folks and then find out that they only want to suck him off, or even worse: are 'willing' to suck him off in order to be with me.

Anyone have any insight? -kellie
1 Day Ago
I met up with two older men that took me back to their place and had a three way. As I sucked one off the other topped me felt very good.
2 Days Ago
We are horny!
We are in NWGA and would like to have fun. Anyone?
2 Days Ago
do tops like bottoms that dont just lay theyre
Was wondering im a bottom that likes to move my hips in rythm with a top so i get all of him and use my anal muscels to massage his cock while its sliding in and out whats youre thoughts
3 Days Ago
Attractive couple looking for attractive bi girl
We're a couple looking for a good lookin girl who wants to be with us equally in a relationship
3 Days Ago
Bi Curious
Looking to expand my horizons with a MMF threesome. Anyone in the Philly area interested?
3 Days Ago
sucking cock and bottom
looking for men in the canton oh. area to suck there cocks and top me I can host
3 Days Ago
Couple looking for bi or bi-curious lady
We are looking for a girlfriend for Lee that may turn into more. Marie is bi-curious but had a few negative events in this. So Marie wants to have help with Lee to take care of his desires and a sex drive. The person we need must be willing to be girlfriend to Lee, willing to share Lee with Marie at the same time, and understand Marie must make the first move to make it a full 3some. We are not looking some one night but do not expect a lifetime. We want something in the middle and hope for a lifetime. With that said, Marie and Lee took a while to happen and we understand no one (not even us) will want to just jump into this.if you are interested and a woman, make the first step and let us know your interested.
3 Days Ago
Partying tonight
We are partying tonight and we would like to have a bi guy or couple to join us,
3 Days Ago
How many TOPS do we have here???
Just a curious thing for me....
How many of you are a "REAL TOP" and would/could enjoy fucking another man WITHOUT reciprocation or the presence of a female??
3 Days Ago
Bisexual/bicurious woman aged 18-21
Hi! My name is Morgan im 19 and I've been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years, we are in the Owosso, MI area. We are both looking for a female aged 18-21 interested in a threesome for a fun night! ;)
3 Days Ago
Looking to give oral
Mwm will be in Windsor in a hotel Sunday to Thursday would like to suck some cocks
4 Days Ago
Hot Asian CD Visiting Toronto Sept. 7 to 11
Hi guys! Hot, horny Asian CD traveling to Toronto! Would you like to taste my hot, Asian candy baby?
5 Days Ago
Looking to have fun in Vegas
we are a couple going to Vegas in August to get married. We are looking for a bi-sexual couple or a bi-man to help us have fun on our our honeymoon we will be in Vegas from aug 20th to aug 24th..
5 Days Ago
so horney
i am so horney right now i will take it no matter where you want to put it i have had two but now i want to try three two m+m+f
5 Days Ago
Bi curious couple looking for a bi guy or couple NEGA
We had a thresome once and we loved it. My husband experienced bisex before, it gets me so horny to watch him fuck a guy. He hasn't been a bottom but he's open minded. Me in the other hand, I never been with a woman. I love the way my pussy tastes, and I want to have my pussy eaten over and over. I will need some coaching but I want to experience it.
5 Days Ago
What is attractive to you
This is something that I have wondered for quite a while. I figured I'd ask here as I'd get a broad set of answers. It's nothing earth shattering....but what does a woman or man find attractive in a woman?
5 Days Ago
Bi-curious female looking to chat with men or women
I'm new to this and explore :) :):-PLaughingHug
6 Days Ago
Who out here likes to go riding? Looking for someone to ride with.
6 Days Ago
I am an OTR trucker
Always looking for some J/O and looking for some oral fun. I'm not into kissing,pain or scat. Just good blowjobs and such. Let me know if you like to do truckers :)
6 Days Ago
Bi submissive male in Cleveland area
New member here just thought I'd say hi. I'm here for discreet fun and to provide pleasure to those in need.
6 Days Ago
Hudson valley
Any interested in meeting a 30m, in the Hudson valley. I'm into single women, or couples
6 Days Ago
Anyone around?
6 Days Ago
Any female in the lincoln area or surrounding area would like to have fun with an interracial couple. Message me. Never done anything like this before but would love to explore each other's bodies.
6 Days Ago
Fun sex
Hi bi cpl looking to chat with bi or curious cpl or bi female
7 Days Ago

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