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Wife watching
My wife wants to watch as a hot dude blows and swallows my load. We are here on vacation in North Miami beach area for a week. Could be hot with right guy.
41 Minutes Ago
monday mornng
older guy here will open mouth will swallow your load good way to start the week or just the morning must be close by use my mouth
3 Hours Ago
Let me practice on you?
just me and your dick alone in a glory hole?
6 Hours Ago
Seeking my first cock of another man.
I am a bi-curious bottom with a strong desire to passionately kiss, lick, suck, & deep-throat anotjer man's cock. I would love to have his hot, delicious cum in my mouth, down my throat, on my face, & having splashed my insides from behind. For my first, I would like at least 6". I prefer in or near Broken Arrow, OK. I hope we can meet.
9 Hours Ago
Seeking lactating mom or moms looking strictly for a suckling relationship or pregnant seeking suckling to get milk flow starting.
12 Hours Ago
Cocks needed
Near canton ohio. Cocks over 6' that need sucked off please contact me.
13 Hours Ago
I really need to suck.
If you are close to me, clean discret and need a a blowjob. Let's work 8it.
13 Hours Ago
Suck his self
Anyone able to suck his own cock?
13 Hours Ago
How many BOTTOMS do we have here???
So again, I'm curious, how many REAL bottoms do we have here??

Me personally (male half) ,I am a total bottom.
15 Hours Ago
Actually I don't have any experience yet and I wanna try
I'm only 19 and I'm so scared to try it with a guy-to-guy. Whew! Soneone help me out.
16 Hours Ago
Why do people think that people who swing are a different class of people?
16 Hours Ago
Bi curious fun
Looking for a bi or bi curious man in the southern wisconsin area willing to meet up and let me try a few new things
19 Hours Ago
any guys need some seed in madison
seeking hard cock with big loads around madison
19 Hours Ago
Easter Egg Hunt 2018
HappyEaster everyone! The 2018 egg hunt has begun! Members are off to a great start!

Here's some early stats:
894 eggs have already been found!
There are 71 Contestants!
All eggs except 5 have been found at least once!

Our current Top 10 Hunters are:
1. crewchief03
2. ridernmich
3. smoothbottom
4. triip11
5. xxxplrer
6. newbie2018
9. doverguy
10. bhglory

We hope you are all having fun! Enjoy your day!
The Webmasters
19 Hours Ago
Looking to Give oral or mutual oral to m/w/cples
i am in se portland close in to down town. iu cannot host most of the time
19 Hours Ago
CD seeking men!!
I love to satisfy a man in any way he wishes!!
1 Day Ago
camera man
older bi male with digital camera can take your "special" pics for your profile, or personal ads.......just for fun, no money or any other expectations on my part. single men, women, or couples welcome to respond.....i can load directly into your computer, or email them to you.......
1 Day Ago
cd pic &video swap
i want u to tell me what u want me to do for u i will do anything just pleases make me ur video bitchboy
1 Day Ago
Anyone ever been with a squirter?
I was 17, my girlfriend at the time had told me that I was too big for her. She told me her ex had a dick the size of a pinky finger. So long story short I wanted to do everything I could especially at that age we took turns I go down on her then she finishes me off with her mouth and hands. There was this time where I just got a little more aggressive while eating her out and she told me she was going to cum, what happened next was the most amazing thing I've experienced for the first time. She sprayed juices all over my face and soaked the bed while she shook. From that moment I was absolutely hooked, I had to make it happen again. It happened when she finally was able to get through the discomfort of me inserting myself... it honestly was like breaking her Hyman a second time, regardless getting pounder hard or soft made her just make a beautiful mess. We had to be careful to clean up cause there were times it'd be in the family room after her parents went to bed. The one time that it was incredibly powerful and unforgettable is when we drove from my mother's place to the corner store in rural ontario to pick up milk at the corner store 5kms away. We stopped on the side of the road on the way back. It was completely dark aside from the moonlight and I still remember the frogs croaking, I got out of the drivers seat and went around the front of the car. She rolled down the window, and asked me what I was doing. I I put my right hand on her face and rubbed her earlobe with my thumb. It was hot and so humid, I went to grab her breastfeeding but she grabbed my arm and my Palm hit her bare thigh. It took seconds for her to hike up her skirt and pull her panties down. She positioned her hand on top of mine and pushed my middle finger with hers inside her. That lasted all off a minute or so till she pushed open the door and I saw the sweat on her forhead. I can't tell you how fast I went down on her I all I could hear was her saying go harder and her flip flops pushing around pebbles on the dirt road under my knees. She had a tell tail sign she was going to burst, her vigina got so tight that it was hard to keep the two fingers in her. And when it finally went off she pushed me completely out and from the ferocity of the fingerings and not wanting to stop I went right up her anus by accident and she didn't have a care in the world it just kept coming, gushes hitting the sun visors that you fold down when the sun is glaring, eventually her legs locked closed and I kneeled in amazement. I wonder if anyone else has experienced a squirter before? It's a beautiful thing. 😀
1 Day Ago
Try it out
Wanna top and bottom for my first time!
1 Day Ago
ok..i feel certain that i cannot be the only member sick-n-tired of close-up pix of men's ass-holes !!!

women's ass-holes, while no uncommon, are , usually, not like looking at a hairy...well...ugh...ass-hole...never mind...

all those in favor of a moratorium on close-up pix of guy's hairy, or otherwise, ass-holes, say AYE!!!


1 Day Ago
Are we still living in a society where men are afraid to say, “38 year old man, you are old, but you sorta seem in shape, and Um told you have a nice ass cock. Maybe it’s the beer.” For shame, people.

On that note, I’m married.

I dig fucking around, I dig kissing around. I like following orders—within reason I’m told I can be fun... you know, it always depends. Be well in all endeavors.

Dude Who If You’re in SRQ Is a Mellow Cat
1 Day Ago
Looking for a sub male to play with m/f!
Looking for a sub male to be another sub with me and my dom wife. Not interested in someone just looking for sex with a woman or just exchanging head between us men. I have never experienced this with a guy and that�sp what we are searching for. Someone interested In exploring all avenues with us. We are not into extreme pain but pleasurable hot fun. We would all three be together but this would mainly be between the men with limited interaction with her except for her watching and deciding herself and possibly telling us what she wants to see. That includes maybe requesting both of us to please her. Would love to chat first and all three get to know each other�s desires and fantasies so we all know how much this can be dirty and kinky and fun. Love to be controlled and pleasured and hoping someone else out there is looking for the same thing. Let�s have fun guys!
1 Day Ago
Jerk off buddies
I recently watched some trans and bisexual porn with a good friend of mine. We both ended up rubbing our cocks watching the movies. After we came(and did we ever! I haven’t cum like that in ages) we played games and then went home. Nothing at work changed between us so I’m thinking this could be a thing. Any advice on making this regular? Should I use toys(love playing with my ass) even though he doesn’t have a toy and he has never used one? We talked while rubbing and he claimed to finger his ass on occasion.
1 Day Ago
First time with a girl
Looking for a bi curious girl open to anything.
2 Days Ago
Bi looking In West Chester Area 45069
I'm looking for a suck buddy maybe more after we meet.
I'm clean and discrete you be too
Can host sometimes days between 8 am to 1:30 pm
2 Days Ago
sucking cock and bottom for a top
I like and enjoy sucking older cocks I love to feel there cum going throat and shooting in my ass I love wearing panties. canton oh.
2 Days Ago
port charlotte blow and go/facial
I am ready make me taste it and then make me swallow must be local to port charlotte fla:-P
2 Days Ago
saturday quick blow and go
I am ready to have my mouth creamed today preferably by curious newbies must be local and ready to do it now hold my head and pump away port charlotte only its Saturday again
2 Days Ago
men who like online m/m masturbation
I enjoy talking with other guys bi, single, straight during masturbation. Its a great way to fantasize about something you might not try or cum anonymously with stimulating conversation. hit me up if you are interested.
2 Days Ago
Are there any voyeurs here ....
If you ever wanted to be a fly the wall, yet at the same time, be able to tell the person in the room what to do... what would you tell them to do?

FYI I'm looking for a fly on the wall 😃
2 Days Ago
How many bi or bi-curious guys have actually done something with another guy or group of guys?
I'm gay........have been with women but they don't do it for me sexually, although I love a naked woman's's beautiful but sexually guys are for me........I can remember my first MMF rendezvous.....I worked with the guy and his wife wanted to see him suck another guy while she fingered first it was akward but after a while I just forgot about her and let him suck me off.....then a few days later he stopped by at night and asked if he could suck me again as he liked it......this went on for a while then one night he asked if I'd fuck him.......welll, fucking isn't something I normally like as I am definately an oral guy but after some heavy foreplay I fucked him and he loved it......when home and told his wife......she then wanted to watch so we made arrangements and they came to my place......was a noce threeway, then I entered him......she got so excited I think she had an orgasm just watching him ride me......we did this a few times and then it abruptly ended......she now wanted me to let her suck me while he fucked her....he got jealous and we never did anything again......and this was something they both fantasied about, a MMF I ask all who read this, how many of you guys who wanna try doing something with another guy actually have gotten the nerve to seek a guy and do something with him? Was it enjoyable? Did you like it? Was it everything you fantasied about? Have you done it several times since the first time? Was it with the same guy or another guy?? Have you ever gone to an all male ORGY?? Has anyone ever fantasied about that(all male orgy)? Have any actually gone and participated or just shyly watched?? Any guys jack another guy off? Sucked another guy off? Tasted or wallowed another guys cum? Anyone ever participate in a circle-jerk??

Look to hear back from you guys......I know I askd a lot of questions but I'm quite curious to know what you bi and bi-curious gays are actually doing about your "fantasies."

2 Days Ago
Sarasota Bi Cpl
Hey anyone in the Sarasota area? Seems like a bubble is around it.

Looking for a verse or btm male, bi fem, or a bi cpl
2 Days Ago
straight or bi curious?
jack off for me and/or use my mouth I am real are you? must be local to port charlotte let me know soon its a good way to start your morning make me taste it
2 Days Ago
Looking for bifemale to have some fun with
looking to have some fun hit me up
2 Days Ago
bi curious
52 bi curious as hell,looking for couples or other married men for d/l meetings
3 Days Ago
looking for weekend fun
I want to suck and fuck all night all are welcome
3 Days Ago
Peoria curious
Im white tatted gl fun easy goin and kinky ;) would love to try new thing with the right people mabey even help them with there fantasy reply with ur intrests if u wanna meet up ;)
3 Days Ago
i wanna fuck....
you! and maybe you too ;-) get in contact with ME, the sexiest bitch around
3 Days Ago
Any bi people out there in new Mexico
Any bi people who just want a night of fun let me know
3 Days Ago
New Version
Hello all!

We felt it was time to give an update. We started the site back in 2002 and over time added new features and tried to fix and improve features along the way. Time passes quickly and it became obvious BP needed a total overhaul, especially to work with different technology such as phones, tablets, and all the other screens out there. Over the past year, we finally began creating a new, updated, much friendlier to use version of BP. Every page and line of code is being changed to work better. Those who have been following our "Status or "Mood" on our profile know we've been re-doing section after section. We finished certain features but were unable to release them due to the whole site being integrated together. Flower

We have many wonderful members who have supported us and given us their feedback on what they love about BP and what can be better. We've taken all of it into consideration for the overhaul. A little over a month ago, we were finally able to start letting in some of the members who have gone above and beyond helping us improve the site over the years. Many of them have been members for 10 years or more. We asked for their feedback, what they like and don't like, and what needs to be fixed. What we got so far has been amazing... including a 100+ page printed out version of the site mailed to us with feedback. We were shocked and appreciative. We've never gotten anything like that before and went through it page by page. Love Others have written long email upon long email that went on for miles giving us their thoughts! One of our best helpers joined the site in 2002, and boy did he have a lot to say. We've been challenged with keeping parts of the site that many members know and love while moving it into the year 2018 and beyond. Those who we have let in have flooded us with support and compliments, and for the things that they didn't care for, we worked with them to try to improve those areas. We are beyond appreciative for all of our testers' feedback and their ideas on how to make BP even better! Flower

Where are we at right now? We get closer and closer to being able to release it to all BP members everyday. We still have a handful of things to add to the site, and then we will begin the tedious process of testing every feature thoroughly. We are currently giving special access to those who have helped BP extensively over the years. Love We are also adding in lifetime members who have been with BP a very long time. At the moment, we are only adding in members in small batches, and fixing any issues they come across. We will keep doing this as well as working everyday towards releasing it to all members.

Thank you all for your patience, feedback and support!
The Webmasters
3 Days Ago
bi couple looking for fun with anyone
we both are horny bi couple and we like do anything with others
3 Days Ago
Is anybody really in Missouri and on here?
It seems everyone is in another state that is currently on.
3 Days Ago
Bisexual men and couples
Any bisexual men or couples in central AL area looking to play with a bi guy?
3 Days Ago
giving blowjobs
Who sucks Dick better men or women
3 Days Ago
BBW needs looking for adult fun in Dayton
Horny and wet. Are there any real people in Dayton looking to hookup? Very open-minded individual, so no good offer refused.
3 Days Ago
since its early and i am horny
if you are in port charlotte and woke up hard I want to suck your clean cock and taste your cum it would be hot if you never tied a guys mouth before lets get together on your way to work for a quick one. come by and feed it to me
3 Days Ago
Visiting Vegas June 10-14
Looking for a young well hung man to seduce my wife. She doesn't know if your up for the challenge. See her pic
3 Days Ago
looking for some phone fun!!
Hi all I am looking for females or malesthe that want to have some phone fun (phone sex, sexting, a good chat, etc.). I work alot and don't get out much so I am looking for some one who would like to chat and play on the phone. If your interested shoot me a message and let's see where things go.
3 Days Ago
I want to suck off some nice hard dicks. . Call me if you are horny and hard in,
3 Days Ago
Nads For Men hair removal cream
Got a tube of Nads for men. Being a (mostly) responsible kind of guy I read the label and there are two warnings not to use this on your nads. WTF? It's called Nads and you're not supposed to use it on your nads? I don't get it.

Has anyone used it? Where did you use it? How long do you leave it?

How did it work out?
4 Days Ago
Looking for a woman or couple to be my first time getting dominated im white 21 gl tatted clean and open to new experiences is there anyone in my area that can help me ?
4 Days Ago
Should I?
A former associate of mine has a son in his mid-twenties. He contacted me the other day because he knows I'm Bi. He wants to get a hotel room with him and two of his buddies. They want to invite me to spice things up. The sound of three very virile bodies complete with all the opportunities for an out and out orgy sound so appealing. He has asked me to be the bottom. I want to yet, I have a hunch I won't walk for a week. Should I put a few guidelines out there first or just throw caution to the wind and have a ball?:-P
4 Days Ago
Hillsboro Oregon.looking for bi or Gay guy or couple i'm a hot bottom
Very horny precums heavy loves to be fucked . Open to most things sexualHug:-P:-D
4 Days Ago
Looking for some afternoon delight
Looking to get together for some afternoon delight, meet for coffee or lunch, than go from there!!!
4 Days Ago
FWB discreet and can host
Just looking for a girl or dude or both to have good satisfy sex with hit me up if your in Maryland or going too visit and can host
4 Days Ago
Bicurious male looking for partner to play with
I live in the cincinnati area and am curious as to who's out there.I'm looking for a normal, nice guy to explore sexually. Not looking for anything long-term. I'm a slim cross-dressing bottom and would be interested in exploring same sex relationship to see if I like it. I'm free most week days between 8 and 3pm. I've never sucked a real cock before, but I think I'd enjoy it; it's something I fantasize about often. Not interested in small cocks. If I'm going to do this, I'd like to do it with a cock no smaller than 6 inches.
4 Days Ago
panty lovers
is it true that if you are a male who likes to wear panties you must be a sub bottom? I don't think so,maybe we wear them to excite our a picture in panties and see how excited the responses are. your opinion?
4 Days Ago
First Time Your Cock Was Sucked?
Okay, we have a great thread discussing the first time you sucked a cock, but when was the first time you had your cock sucked by another guy? How old where you? what was the circumstances?

I'll start....

I was 13 years old and it was with a good friend who was also 13. We would sleep over at each others homes all the time, and of course, at that age, the talk started turning to sex. We began masturbating in front of each other, and even stroked one another at times. One day, he came right out and said he wanted to suck my cock! So, I let him.

The first few times, I didn't cum, but then he told me he wanted me to! I sat back on the couch with him between my legs, and I think it took me all of 30 seconds to cum. He actually swallowed, and even kept sucking. That was the beginning of something that lasted over a year, with him sucking me a few times a week. Then I met a girl who also swallowed, and that ended that! ;)
4 Days Ago
need to hook up
been to long since ive been with a man if you are nearby and want to have a good time you know what to do.I want you to take some pics while your using me
4 Days Ago
Me and wife
I would like to let my wife know more about my desires. She and I have watched gay porn; she's watched me use my dildo on myself.
4 Days Ago
anyone ever have a train ran on thier throats
would like to hear stories of guys who have sucked multipal cocks at 1 time and how many was there
4 Days Ago
Looking to give oral Pleasures to either men or women... St Petersburg area.
I'm very interested in corresponding with any women specifically bisexual or not, who are just as into giving oral sex to men and eating come, as I am. I'm 100% man, but found out very early in life that I enjoy the taste of sperm as well as its texture. I would be interested in seeing how many women out there actually either have, or have fantasized about taking multiple loads in their mouth, or just simply drinking it. That has been a fantasy of mine. Gloryholes are fun too, but have never met a woman that wanted to do it. I'm very curious... Any women that are out there than on a regular basis glow to the gloryholes just for the sheer pleasure for themselves of sucking cock and eating cum? Anywhere?
4 Days Ago
Wanting either a male or female goryhole partner. Any good gloryholes in the st Petersburg Tampa area?
Would like to meet a single female, single male or couple interested in going to the g********** with me, and taking turns... I would really get off on watching, and being watched. Especially women that are bisexual that share the same fascination with hard cock and enjoy the taste of cum as I do... I'm particularly interested in women who actually do enjoy the taste and texture of it. I would like to share experiences with them, and stories over a few, or several drinks.
4 Days Ago
Female for threesome with couple
Me and my girlfriend are looking for a bi or curious female to join in with us as my girlfriend is wanting to try with another female but also wants me to be in on it for her own comfort.
4 Days Ago
Congratulations to xxxplrer!
Congratulations to xxxplrer! He just found all the eggs in this years Easter Egg Hunt! It's been years since anyone completed their basket especially with how tough that Bonus Bunny is to find! Fantastic job xxxplrer! I can only imagine the feeling you got when you saw your last egg that you were missing! Was it one you had to chase down? :P Or one that just slowly appeared in front of you? Congrats!

There are still two winner spots available! Good Luck!
4 Days Ago
Visiting Las Vegas 30 Apr-5 May
Visiting bimarried businessman who will be in Las Vegas 30 Apr-5 May. Staying downtown on the strip. Would love to have a bimale/bicouple to have fun with while I'm in town.
4 Days Ago
Looking for sex, anal, oral, group...ect
Looking for a couple or a single, female 18-40s. I am hoping for see of many kinds.
5 Days Ago
Couple searching for Couple focusing on bi guy / bi girl femdom
Ddf Attractive hwp married couple looking for another couple that’s a Lady and Gent in the streets & Freaks Behind closed doors. We play a few light femdom scenarios in our bedroom and want to play with other like minded couples. Teasing, playful teasing, nipple play, panties. Strap on’s, outfits, roleplay. Some experience but not a ton. We are Not gonna jump into bed with anyone & everyone. Looking for fwb. New on this site but real.
5 Days Ago
Vancouver, WA- single female searching for male or couple
I am 43 years old, single female looking for a first time with anyone that will do a long term friendship/ relationship. I have never had sex with a male or female and looking to explore the bodies of both sexes. I would like to have fun and enjoyment while building a friendship. Check out my profile and email me.
5 Days Ago
Tyler tx!!
Young and in shape looking for fun.
5 Days Ago
Mwm visiting novi mi
Mwm looking for fun will be in novi from may 14-24
5 Days Ago
Let me ride your cock !!
I'm looking for a Top who can host And pack my ass tighter than a frogs ass with hard cock
5 Days Ago
Very oral bottom
Luv sucking a clean shaved smooth cock and bottom.Looking for a fwb on going situation :-P
5 Days Ago
I really want to suck a dick anybody want some head?
6 Days Ago
Fit young bbc bull looking for fun near Harrisonburg
Interested in the ladies and couples
One on one, MFM, or more
I’m straight but if a hot wife wants to
make her cuck a bbc cocksucker I’ll help her. (Done it once)
Let me fill your wife up with bbc cum and then you can
eat the pie
6 Days Ago
Looking for a nice fat ass my girl can eat in atl...freaky couple
6 Days Ago
Eggs for sale!!!...inquire with in.....hebehehe
6 Days Ago
weekend hook-up
would love to someone come spend the weekend to explore my bottom side
6 Days Ago
Looking to suck a nice white cock
Im in northern phoenix looking to suck a nice clean white cock hopefully today, im very horny and i am very oral. Looking for someone that just wants to sit back and let me drain your cock. Be Drug and disease free.
6 Days Ago
Anyone in Port Charlotte want to Play?
Anyone in Port Charlotte wanta play sometime?
6 Days Ago
Looking for fun in SW florida
49 staying at RV park by Punta Gorda would love to find some special friends.
6 Days Ago
i am a cocksucker
any one in harrisonburg va that wants a cocksucker to take care of him few times a week i swallow all u shoot
6 Days Ago
Traveling to: Monterey, Tomales, Fort Bragg, and Arcata
Need someone to keep my bed warm each night...will be in Monterey, Wednesday, June 6, 2018 until the morning of Sunday, June 10th. Then traveling to Tomales, CA. Sunday, June 10th until the morning of Thursday, June 14th, 2018. Then to Fort Bragg (June 14th) until the morning of Monday, June 18, 2018. Then off to Oregon. Will return to Arcata, CA for one night Friday, June 22nd. Hit me up if interested.
6 Days Ago
South Georgia
Any couples or singles in South Georgia area looking to play? I can host near Valdosta
7 Days Ago
Tallahassee Area
Any couples or singles in the Tally area or north Fla that would like to play??
7 Days Ago
Swallow a nice load
I'm a bi married white guy 58. Looking for a hook up. Dl. Like to suck and swallow . Race no issue. Just be clean. Would have to come to you or meet. I love sucking outdoors on my knees. Hit me up if you want some good head.
7 Days Ago
Staying in Rapid City for Sturgis
We're looking for a female to join us that is interested in making my wife's dreams come true of just having a woman cater to her as I sit and watch.

Let us know, we'll be arriving around August 1st thru the 10th. A good time for all of us.
7 Days Ago
Sexy couple looking for bisexual male
Must have a great Cock and can fuck us as good as we can fuck him. Close to the morgantown , bowling green area
7 Days Ago
Bi curious
Wanting to chat with other bicurios guys
7 Days Ago

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